Virtual Reality Stations

What you'll be getting:

  • 10 x 10 play area--safe from obstructions

  • HTC Vive headset with 2 controllers

  • High performance virtual reality gaming PC

  • 30+ games and experiences to select any time!

  • Lounge area from friends to hangout

  • TV in every station so you can watch (laugh at) your friends 

  • Over 30 games to choose from

  • You may share one station by taking turns



Virtual Reality Stations can be rented at the following Rates (plus sales tax)
**Note - only one user may play on a station at a time. Multiple users can take turns on a station.**

**You may play as many games as you want during your session!**

Walk in or Reserve Ahead of Time

Reserve several stations with our reservation system.  All guests must have a waiver on file before playing.

***Come in for a free 15 min. demonstration, (provided a station is available)!

How to Book an Event or Purchase a Package

The Ledge VR makes for an awesome birthday party, date night or team building corporate event.  You can book parties from two hours up to the a whole weekday (for corp. events). We have TVs at every station so that you can spectate and laugh with each other; there are two race car stations, and a small lounge area with some seating and a table. You may bring in your own food and beverages (no alcohol, please, but may be allowed at corp. events).  You can rent one station and take turns with other individuals, or rent multiple stations.  All stations include all games.  Please call for more information.  We can customize your package to suit you wants and budget.  270-234-5220

Birthday Party, Awesome Date Night or Bachelor Party

Reserve one room or multiple rooms for up to 3 hours.  The hang-out lounge will be included.  Bring your own food and drinks.  Call for pricing. 270-234-5220

Team Building with your Co-workers

Reserve the whole arcade for your employees to have a day away from the office for some great team building.  Let out the stress of the job by blasting zombies, climbing mountains or dodging aliens.  Bring your own food and refreshments.  Call for pricing. 270-234-5220.

Gift Cards for a Gift they Won't Forget

What better gift as one that provides so much fun. Purchase one hour or more.   Be sure to have the recipient check for available times and dates. Call or stop in for pricing. 270-234-5220.